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Insecure Creativity & Lessons Learned

Ok, ok, I know I haven’t listed a whole lot in my Etsy shop.  The process of starting it and working on creating inventory has had a learning curve associated with it.  And somewhere between creating the store, making new things, and trying to come up with more inventory I have been hit by a wave of insecurity.

Yesterday it came somewhere between taking pictures of a few items-non Etsy related-and packaging them to send.

This insecurity stuff has a tendency to creep up in the weirdest moments.  And for whatever the reasons are that trigger it, I am trying to learn from them…

Lesson #1:  Packaging matters … and it should match the style of the item inside.

I put together a gift package for my friend and was completely bummed when the packaging I picked just didn’t look right with the gift.  In an attempt to not over think things, I left the gift wrapped in the packaging as was.  I know she will appreciate it, but in the future I will think this through better.

Lesson #2:  Read the rules ahead of time…

I packaged my purple hats for the Period of Purple Crying campaign and only after everything was sealed did I stumble upon the guidelines.  Turns out I was supposed to stay away from “pom poms”.  I actually opened the package  and debated cutting off the pom poms I had sewn, but once I pulled on them and realized they were secure and were far too large for any child to choke on, I decided to leave them as is.  I have no idea what will happen to the hats once they arrive, but I am crossing my fingers.

When I continued looking at pictures and related blogs and seeing all the newborn hat patterns, I only started to doubt myself more.

In the end I gave myself a pep talk and reminded myself of why I chose the patterns I did – 1) they will stay on a baby’s head, 2) they are replicas of the hats that were given to my boys when they were born.

I tried hard not to let these things get me down and breed more insecurity.  And with that mindset, I worked on more merchandise for The Golden Heel today.

So how about a sneak peak?

I started my first felted knitting project.  They are fingerless mitts.  When I sat down to work on some embellishment I was reminded of another lesson.

Lesson #3:  Contrast matters … especially when speaking of embellishment

I am really liking how these fingerless mittens are turning out, but in a perfect world the deer would stand out a tiny bit more.

And then I worked on this…

A gnome bag …

I’m not sure where this guy will end up, but he was a fun project.

Just like my children, naps came in twos today and that helped me get a bit more done than usual-ahem-creatively that is.  Insecurities and all I am happy.

Sending joy your way!


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