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in this moment


… things feel calm.  And it wasn’t until this moment that I realized it’s been a while.  Like maybe a LOOOOOOOOOONG while.  We’ve been swept up in a whirlwind of


and with that has come the hand of God’s goodness.  And His swiftness.  You know how when God moves it can feel like you were just caught up in a cyclone of movement and the aftermath is all the pieces falling into place? It’s so good.  But I feel it can also leave you stunned.  Maybe I feel stunned.

Anyway, back tracking for a moment :: we’ve finally formally announced that we are moving to Australia.  The details of how God has been answering prayers is enough for another post.  But it has been happening quick.  And in the midst of the excitement and awe and also TO DO lists that are starting to form in our heads, we noticed a pretty significant tic in one of the boys.  And so our head’s started to spin.  And on top of all this is the regular hurrah of preschool and homeschool and life with four kids.  And as of today I’m 52 days into 80 Day Obsession.   Needless to say, it’s been enough to keep my mind running at a decent pace and to keep the Google searches endless.

But somewhere, somehow, this afternoon as we finished school and I swept up the box of cheerios that had been innocently dumped on the floor by a toddler, I decided to make tea.  And this led me to the school room to finish grading.  And for this split second, things felt calm and I could hear myself thinking.  Emotions welled that I have potentially been suppressing.  And I had the urge to write.

I said no at first, I have my grading in front of me.  But then I decided to follow the urge.

I don’t have the bandwidth needed to write about all my thoughts right now, but here are the highlights:

  1. I’m going to miss this house and all it offers.  I’m so thankful for how God has been aligning the pieces for us to leave and keep this house at the same time, but I will miss living here.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not so full and thankful for what surrounds me!
  2. There will never be enough time for me to cover in school everything I dream of covering.  The world is so chock-full of things to learn and I get overly excited and ambitious.
  3. John 14:27
  4. When eating in an intentional and calorie deficient way, it’s amazing how much one snack can lift my spirits.

And for the moment, I think that sums it up.


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