Thanksgiving Inspiration

I’m not big on Halloween.

I never really have been; and quite possibly this is because personally dressing up in costume and knocking on strangers doors are two of my worst ideas of fun.

bringing nature inside always inspires my festive fall side

So today I found my mind wandering past the holiday and thinking on Thanksgiving. We will be hosting again this year, and since I am not working (unlike last year), I realized I have plenty of time to pursue creative turkey-day endeavors.

So how about some inspiration?

I put together a treasury list on Etsy today.  If you are not familiar with a treasure list, it reminds me of the concept of Pinterest,  or what I understand of it anyway.

So take a look and be inspired.

Here is a sneak peak …

Hopefully more t-day creativity to come!


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One response to “Thanksgiving Inspiration

  1. There. I’m finally caught up on your creativity ventures. 🙂 I’m feeling more than a bit intimidated. Anywho, as far as inspiration, if you are looking for any projects to do with your boys is one of my favorite blogs for hands on activities for littles.
    I love fall, but I tend to be my craftiest around Christmas. 🙂



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