New Adventures … and some old…

Oh people, I have been having SO much fun!  So much fun that I have yet to catch up on this weeks episode of Parenthood.

For starters, I bought this the other day and it makes me plain happy.  Joann Fabrics was kind enough to provide me with a coupon which made this purchase even better!  There are 26 colors total.

And, beside being close to finishing up multiple projects I’ve had in the works for some time now, I  lined up all my ducks and created an Etsy store!

Which I have titled The Golden Heel. (

This is making me learn how to take better pictures, which is still in the works.

And is causing me to learn how to do things, like take pictures, faster and better the first time.

I tend to have this sickness where I take 50 pictures of the same thing, find one good one in the batch, and stash the rest away because I-for some reason-cannot part with them.  And those of you that are my Facebook friends know this all too well; all those similar pictures I post of my boys …

I would love to update you right now on all the projects I have completed and am close to completing, but since some of them are gifts I will have to wait until they arrive at their destination before I post pictures.  But I am excited to show you everything!

And lastly, I found a new love today!

Creating packaging …

Or should I call them gift bags …

Either way, I’m debating trying to sell a few at The Golden Heel.  I will just have to see if I can come up with a few that make a feel-good set.

Until next time, be loved!


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