Crocheted Egg (part 1)

Yay!  I have pictures, boys are napping, and I already did the dishes this morning which means I can walk you through the crocheted egg project!

For those of you who are fluent crocheters, or who have crocheted toys, you will find this project a snap and possibly not worth a tutorial?  But, I know I have friends out there who have expressed a desire to learn how to do something creative, or crochet, and this could be a great first project!  If you can master this egg you will have the basics for tackling many crocheted toy projects and/or the duck and frog bibs I have posted links to previously.

So here we go … first craft tutorial.

Materials:  I used a size F crochet hook and a thin worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Also gather stuffing for the egg, a scissors, and a darning needle.

You will also need a basic understanding of crocheting, a trusty internet crocheting resource, or good ole’ friend who can crochet to walk you through some of the basics I won’t be covering, such as how to create a chain or do a single crochet etc…

So here we go… please don’t look too closely at my cuticles.  I did my best to hide my thumbs but failed…

Step 1:  Attach the yarn to your hook using a slip knot and chain two. (ch 2)  parenthesis provide instructions in shorthand

crochet chain

image of 2 chains

Step 2:  Insert your hook into the first chain, aka second chain from hook, and single crochet six to create first round. (6 sc in 2nd ch from hook)

image of 3 single crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook

Step 3:  At this point you will have a little ring and will be starting round 2.

image of creating first single crochet in round 2

Starting back at the first single crochet you created, create two single crochets in each stitch around the ring.   You will have a total of 12 single crochets when finished.  (starting at 1st sc, 2 sc in ea sc around — 12 sts at end of round 2)

image of round 2 completed

Step 4:  Starting round 3, create two single crochets (2 sc) in the first single crochet (sc) of round 2.  Create 1 sc in the 2nd sc of round 2.  2 sc in the 3rd sc of round 2.  1 sc in the 4th sc of round 2.  Repeat pattern of 2 sc followed by 1 sc four more times and until you reach the end of round 3/beginning of round 4.  At this point you will have a total of 18 stitches.  (*2 sc in 1st sc of round.  1 sc in next stitch.*  rep from * around — 18 sts)

Step 5:  Starting round 4, single crochet (sc) in each stitch around.  You will still have 18 stitches at the end of round 4.

image of egg after 4 rounds

Step 6:  Repeat step 5 until you have completed between 9 and 11 rounds.  The more rounds you create the taller your egg will be.  You can choose how many rounds you want to complete.  I like a variety so all of my eggs are not the exact same size. (rep step 5 five to seven more times)

Step 7: Starting your next round, single crochet the first two stitches together. Single crochet once in the next stitch.  Repeat this pattern 5 more times until you reach the beginning of your next round.  You will have 12 stitches total at this point.  (*sc2tog, sc*, repeat from * around — 12 sts)

*tip* when single crocheting two stitches together, I recommend keeping your stitches tight to prevent large holes in your finished egg

image of single crocheting 2 stitches together (part 1)

image of single crocheting 2 stitches together (part 2)

Step 8: Stuff the egg.

image of stuffed egg

Step 9:  Starting your next round, single crochet the next two stitches together.  Repeat 5 more times until you reach the end of the round.  You will have 6 stitches total.  (*sc2tog*, repeat around — 6 sts)

image of single crocheting 2 stitches together

Step 10:  Cut yarn leaving a tail about 5 inches long and fasten off.

image of fastening off

Step 11.  Using tail, sew top of egg closed.

image of sewing hole closed. i like to weave my darning needle between two stitches as shown in the picture. i repeat this around and pull yarn tight.

Step 12.  Weave in and snip loose ends.

image of finished egg

Way to go!  You have made your first egg!  Only 11 more to create to make a dozen! 😉

Crocheting 12 of the same eggs not sounding exciting?  Or did you realize, like I did, when playing with your children that nothing happens when you crack the egg open?  I hope to post the tutorial for making the “crackable” fried egg (part 2) next!

In the meantime, any suggestions for improving my next tutorial?


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