Creative Update

It’s been awhile.

And although I am halfway tempted to update you on the last month of my life, I think I will refrain and keep this update to my creative endeavors over the last month as part of 30 Days of Creativity.

It took a couple of weeks, but I finally made a craft calendar.  The day I made it I was feeling simplistic so it does not have as many frills and stickers as my weight loss chart did.

You will notice a couple of things.  First, I did not start it until the 16th of August and it runs way past the 1st of September.  Needless to say, the 30 Days have been extended indefinitely.  You will also notice blank days on the calendar.  The first half of the month I did something creative EVERY day, and it was great.

I finished the bathrobes …

And spent the rest of the time working on this …

I started this tank top in May.  I have only knit one other adult sized garment, a sweater back in college, and was once again feeling inspired to knit myself a piece of clothing.  I wanted a big project.   The yarn came from a sweater I bought at a second hand store (less than $4).  I spent a couple of hours unraveling the sweater and rolling a ball of yarn.  The pattern I found on Ralvery for $8, which I have been told is an expensive pattern from Ralvery, but once I found this tank top none of the other patterns compared.

A BIG project this has turned out to be.  I spent a lot of time working on this tank top this past spring but then put it down to never pick it back up.  When I started 30 Days I knew this was a project to be tackled.  As of today, this is how far I have gotten…

Hopefully I will have it completed for next summer.  🙂

I was working hard on the tank top until I came across a wool felting stand at my local farmer’s market.  I spent a couple of days making these…

And this bookmark for a friend.

And then life got a little stressful, and I went out of town, and I didn’t do anything creative for a few days.

But the past few days I have gotten back into the swing of things, and maybe that has to do with life returning to some form of routine.

I finished this bib to bring to a family tonight …

You can find the pattern here.

And then created some play eggs for the boys.

This egg project is as simple as they get.  I hope to post a tutorial soon.

And finally yesterday I bought some purple yarn.  (And forgot my 40% and 50% off Micheals coupons.  Why do I always forget these??)

Besides starting a list of Christmas projects, the next thing I want to work on is creating a few hats like these…

We were given these hats at the hospital when our boys were born.  I hope to reverse engineer these patterns to make a few purple hats for the Period of Purple Crying campaign.

Until next time, peace to your homes!



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2 responses to “Creative Update

  1. Snapper

    hey stef, oh woman of crafting inspirations, the bird nests made me smile out loud, so sweet. wondering when your shop will open? i would be so proud to claim, “we only buy stef-made toys” 🙂

  2. slboettc

    Thanks Snapper! If we ever move back home to the yoop I will start a shop with my mom!! 🙂 I dream about it!

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