Wine & Chinese

Today was a good day!

During the boys first (and only) nap, I showered, got dressed in my clearance $6.24 Target dress that I decided was very “quintessential”, did one look around the house and rightly decided that it was time to be creative.  With my knitting in hand, I drank my coffee and watched Eat, Pray, Love  with my new, much loved, AT&T U-verse television subscription.  Oh the joys of on-demand, free, movies!

I made it halfway though Eat, Pray, Love  before it was time to feed the boys lunch.

Following lunch I packed up for the Farmer’s Market where I was meeting our friend Mae.

And here is some of the stuff I brought …

garden produce for my friend Mae

There is something ironic in taking produce to a Farmer’s Market.

And to digress, how about a sneak peak at the garden?

August 1st

Isn’t it a beauty??!

And although I greatly enjoyed my time at the Farmer’s Market today–ooh’ing and aah’ing over the beautiful hot pink beets, almost doing a happy dance over my chocolate croissant I stumbled upon, and drinking a super good coconut latte at the coffee house with my friend as our boys were quite remarkably good (in hindsight)–the real fun began when I arrived home.

It was Chinese food and wine night with our friends Chuck and Danielle!

Remember that part above about taking one look at my house before knitting?

Well when we got home from the ‘Market it still looked like this…

And well the boys, they weren’t up for much cleaning either.

I had an hour to clean & feed the boys dinner, so I decided to do the only reasonable thing–ignore the house and set the table.  At least we could have one place to escape to!

Earlier today I had been inspired by the basil I picked for Mae.  Wouldn’t basil make the most lovely, simple table bouquets?

basil bouquets just as I had pictured in my mind!

And I just happen to love the color green in the kitchen so I was set with matching decor …

the napkins were made for me by my sister!

And next for the wine …

one of my favorites

I was excited for this all day!

The finished product …

dining room

It made for a nice escape from the rest of the house!

Then it was off to making dinner for the boys.

my hungry Gabe

I had Adam snap a picture of me in my dress.  I just had to show it!

And I even picked out the green frog bibs for the boys (pattern here).

eating dinner

in focus

The boys quickly ran out of meatloaf.

And moved to watermelon.

Followed by pudding.

This was their first time enjoying pudding.

And my uplifted spirits and thankfulness for their earlier good behavior made it a treat!

Our friends arrived and we had some of the best Chinese food ever.

Then we put the boys to bed.

And had some great conversation regarding the following topics: home ownership, global warming, severe weather, The Sims, Tamagotchis, & LAN parties … are we showing our age?

And then said good night.

Today was a good day!


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