Let’s Knit Purple Hats!

I’m deviating from what I had planned on posting today to comment on a grassroots campaign I stumbled upon courtesy of luvinthemommyhood.

The campaign is called Period of Purple Crying and it is aimed at bringing awareness to parents regarding their infants crying.  Bottom line, and my take home, it is normal for infants to cry!  Even when it occurs routinely.

In general, this campaign is aiming to bring better awareness and understanding to a baby’s crying that is often not provided through the term “colic”.  The campaign is also aimed at bringing awareness to shaken baby syndrome.

I myself remember having people tell me my baby was “colicky” which always made me feel as though we were diagnosing him with an illness.  I had also understood colic to be pertaining to gas AND very regular, consistent, long lasting, inconsolable crying.  Oy! The confusion.  Not to mention parental paranoia.

I remember feeling overwhelmed when Gabe cried, not because I was at my end, but because of what I felt others were thinking and saying.  My first mother’s day I was emotional, and felt like hiding away, and sobbing.   Gabe also happened to be fussy.  I remember my aunt coming alongside of me that day and supporting me, whether or not she knew it.  I think she was feeling a similar way–in hindsight I’m not sure why we didn’t just sit and cry together–but I also think that holding my babies was part of her escape.  She had a way with Gabe, and she could calm him down.  And I remember at one point her coming to me and saying, “I had a baby with colic, and I don’t believe Gabe has it.  He is fine”.  In a sense, she was saying “his crying is ok”.  That reassurance, from someone who I knew understood what she was talking about, lifted me up.

I hope this campaign can do that for someone else.  Colic or not colic, new mother’s need to be told, “this is normal” and “this is ok”.  And most importantly, “this to shall pass”.

I like this campaign.

And here is the neat part — you can support it though knitting purple hats!

(I wish I had a picture of a purple hat to post here…)

In the last two days, as part of my 30 Days of Creativity pledge, I have been knitting.   Just today I was thinking of posting something along the lines of “oh, it feels good to have my knitting groove back!”.

Part of my dreams regarding my creativity is to use it to “enrich the world” in some shape or form.

“You are not here merely to make a living . . . You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”  – Woodrow Wilson

And my second favorite quote …

“In the long run there is no more liberating, no more exhilarating experience than to determine one’s position, state it bravely, and then act boldly.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This might not be the next life changing movement, and it might not require any bravery or boldness, but it is something I feel could have a positive effect on the lives of other parents.  It is something to support, and it requires action.

I have always wanted to create and give away as an act of charity or support, and I never have.  This is an opportunity.  It is also a step in the right direction.

I am going to knit purple baby hats.  And I am going to send them here…

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
C/o Click for Babies
1433 North 1075 West, Suite 110
Farmington, UT 84025

Would you like to join me?



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3 responses to “Let’s Knit Purple Hats!

  1. Nora Brown

    Would you be interested in joining our knitting guild? We meet in Cary once a month. We knit baby hats and chemo hats.

    I love your idea of purple baby hats. 🙂

    Good to hear you are knitting again.


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