Love & Coffee

My sister just got engaged in the last week, and it is to a man that first and foremost seems to be her best friend.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even know how long they have been dating, but it has been less than a year and yet seems like forever.  The ring she received is fantastic!  Here is a glimpse!

I met my husband and got married in less than a year.  It felt like we had known each other forever.  It also felt fast.  In one of those crazy, like I-only-wish-my-life-would-work-this-way-but-probably-won’t dreams, we had coffee and knew it was meant to be.

If I am truthfully honest, it took a couple of weeks before I was confident enough to declare, “Yes, I am marrying this man!”.  But, within a week of our first coffee date, and one night of our second, I knew something had changed — something in the atmosphere.  The world felt different, I felt different, the air I breathed felt different, and I couldn’t sleep.

It became a joke with a hint of truth.  And in the end, having coffee ended up changing my life.

On Sunday, March 18th I had coffee for the second time with my little-did-I-know-it-soon-to-be-husband.  We laughed and talked while getting to know each other.  We discussed our dreams and pursuits and tried to figure out how they could merge.  We sat at Starbucks, saw workers come and go, and planned our hypothetical future life.  We talked about our wedding, when it would be, and who would be in it.  We talked about naming our first child.  And we talked about taking over the world, or at least the local mall.

In May I moved 500 miles away.

In December I moved back.

Wedding Day

January 6th, one day after we were married, we sat at Starbucks again.  But this time it was quiet.  We read.  We drank coffee.  And I took the picture that currently hangs as my blog banner (update 7.26.11: picture was removed… probably due to the hint of the Starbucks logo which was showing).

Life as I know it today has been defined by these events.  In a whirlwind of the 3 years following our wedding, we moved, graduated from college, moved some more, enrolled in graduate school, and moved again.  We started 2 careers and ended one.  We got pregnant once, and ended up with two babies.  Life today is completely different than it was before I had coffee on March 18th.

The ironic part is that leading up to meeting my husband I had figured everything out.  Left up to myself, and absent any coffee dates, I would have been in Oregon or Seattle right now.  I would be working at an orthopedic company developing small extremity implants and trauma products.  Or better yet, I would be using my engineering degree for a medical device non-profit company in Seattle.  I would sit at coffee houses and drink coffee, probably solo, while learning how to write on what at the time I envisioned to be a mini laptop but would now be a tablet.  I would be enrolled in culinary school taking night and weekend classes.  And in any spare time I could find I would be taking sewing classes so I could learn how to make real clothes the correct way.  I would be looking for a husband, knowing that my goal was to be married in my late 20’s so that I could have a child before 30.  And I would probably be homesick.

Life has not unfolded at all like I had figured it should.  In some ways life has unfolded just as it was planned during that second coffee date on March 18th.  But mostly, my husband and I both could have never dreamed we would be where we are today.  And it is good.

I wish countless blessings for my sister and her fiance.  I pray that this season until they get married becomes full of dreams and hopeful anticipation.  But most of all, I hope they always remember to enjoy the journey.


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  1. colorheartfull

    I’m crying! So sweet…

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