the Boys

I want to take a trip down memory lane.

Yesterday while posting pictures of the garden I was able to upload a lot of our cellphone pictures from the boys first year.  Since I never did post during those first 9 months and year following, I thought it might be fun to play a little catch up using these photos.

This is a snapshot from the first video I took of my boys only hours after they were born.  Gabe, my baby A, is in the green hat, and Nolan, my baby B, is in the yellow.  That was a good day, but I barely remember it now.  We were exhausted and little did I know it would be a long time until I would catch up on my sleep.  It took about 10 months to be exact.

Boppy’s quickly became our best friend … and we rarely used them for nursing.  I suppose this picture could have been a foreshadowing that my husband would have everything under control once I went back to work.

When the boys were 2 weeks old, my mother who had been staying with us was planning on returning home.  Home was about 500 miles away.  Adam, my husband, and I, in a moment of sleep deprived panic, decided to go with!  We packed the boys, and their nursery,  loaded up two cars and made the trip north.  It was the best decision we made.  We were able to be with close family and friends until the boys were 11 weeks old.  In hindsight, I do not know what we would have done without their support!  This picture of the boys was taken not too long after we arrived north.

When the boys were 12 weeks old I returned to work.  Most days I received a “good morning Mom!” photo.  Here is a small collection.

I also received pictures of nap time …

And play time …

First milestones  …

And “opps!” ….

If you are a mom of twins, make sure you ask people to take pictures of you with your babies.  If you don’t, you will be like me and cherish pictures like this.

It seems all too rare the pictures of me holding both boys at the same time…

And now for some twin goodness.

Having twins has meant we get to watch them discover each other,

learn how to play together,

and share!

And lastly, I had said something about “9 months” at the beginning of this post, so here is one picture I found.  This was taken before we knew we were having twins.



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2 responses to “the Boys

  1. Mae

    Love the peaceful naptime pictures! … But really, they’re all perfect.

  2. Stephanie Perrigin

    I absolutely LOVED this post! Thank you for sharing these precious pictures!

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