Family & Friends,

This blog will be a way to document some of the activities going on over the next several months as we prepare for a new baby! Only a few days from my 10 week pregnancy milestone (every week is a milestone for me), most of the nausea has dissipated and my energy is starting to return. How great to feel like myself again! With this renewed sense of self, the reality that by the time the snow melts in the Spring Adam and I will be parents is starting to sink in. The excitement is growing, but so is the feeling that we need to start getting prepared. Over the past weekend I have started putting together my wish list/checklist for all the items we will need for the baby. I have also started crafting again and am trying to determine what things are simply fun to make, what things are necessary and what items are really a waste of my time. Over the next few weeks I hope to start taking pictures of my growing collection of baby things (see pages to the right) and post them to allow you to go on a journey with us as our lives, and style, evolve in preparation ….


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